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To Success.

The Steps

Partner with Us on Your Journey.


Meet the Chagoury Capital Team

Bring the passion! Meet our experts and tell us about your company and idea.

Term Sheet

Upon nearing completion to our projects we ensure to consistently assess against our set targets and use Value Adding as the criteria upon which we can build our success.  


The pre-money evaluation and analysis of the business will allow you to better negotiate your position and understand your business.


Related professionals and institutions offer support and work alongside you and your team to nurture your business strategically through its development. 

Lightbulb Moment

Have a great idea? Build your business model. We’d love to hear about it!   

Research & Feedback 

Let our team investigate ways of bringing your idea to life. Meet the external professionals that will help you develop your business.


Collaborate with partners and institutional investors to secure your first round of finance. We help you choose the right deals and structure for you and your vision.


Now we add more value to your business; staging and syndicating investment. These stages include various rounds of financing to help your company become profitable or scale successfully.

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Your Goal.

The Culmination of Your Journey

The moment you have been waiting for. Strategic acquisition, sale, IPO, merger, liquidate, exit or ally, the choice is yours.

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