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Built Upon Excellence.

A Foundation. 

Trusted Partners


Established in 2020, Chagoury Capital (CC) was incorporated as a venture capital firm in Australia.  A culmination of generational experiences forged over decades, CC aims to empower entrepreneurs and businesses through a diverse ecosystem embraced by strategic thinking, innovative resources, and global networking. 

The CC framework has defined our ability to provide value to those in need of our services. It is the level of expertise and influence embedded in our network that enables clients to achieve their desired targets. We offer a wide range of services to an important collection of clients, that include entrepreneurs, corporations, financial institutions, governments and the pioneers of tomorrow. With a strong focus on building partnerships, CC endeavours to bridge the gap between ideas and success.

Honourable Mention

Chagoury Capital would like to expressly acknowledge the contribution of its employees, associates and partners for their ongoing assistance and continued support.

Fouad Chagoury | Managing Director

CC’s consulting techniques are coordinated through a recipe of committed execution and vertical progress in a nurturing environment. We help businesses approach traditional methodology and problems with innovative principles that unlock their vision for the future. From prophecy to testament, CC will stand together with our partners to shape a better tomorrow.


Our focus is always on being better, 
not just being the best;
because the best can always be bettered.”  

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