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United Partners with a Strategic Vision.

Chagoury Capital focusses on bridging the gap between investment and innovative thinking. We champion progressive ideas and offer a stable environment for growth and development.





Venture Capital.

We Unlock The Answers.

We are a venture capital firm that invests in people. Chagoury Capital devotes its energy and efforts into the establishment and growth of visionary enterprises and start-ups. Our compass is guided by vertical progress, advanced technology, and services that break traditional business models. 

We focus on ensuring our principles are reflected in the leadership and companies we partner with, through a collaborative process that allows each partnership to impact industry on a global scale. 

Chagoury Capital specialises in identifying strategic growth opportunities for our partners by providing tailored solutions that establish long-term value across customers, markets, and networks.



Chagoury Capital’s extensive network and family history in the finance sector enables clients the opportunity to gain financial investment through traditional venture capital methods or private equity.  



Chagoury Capital’s understanding and history as consultants across a broad range of industries offers support for clients in business operations and transactions to achieve targeted goals. 



Chagoury Capital has experience in innovative technologies and start-ups such as oil, lubricants, graphene, and chemical products, that have helped shape and transform


Innovation &


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Chagoury Capital employs a comprehensive and systematic approach to developing, operating, and maintaining assets on behalf of clients to ensure client satisfaction is met.



Chagoury Capital is actively involved in the buying and selling of various commodities including; crude and refined oils, gold and other precious metals, and agricultural products such as coffee and sugar. 



Chagoury Capital’s origins in engineering and active participation in construction and property development projects across North Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia offers investors a wide selection of projects to choose from. 



Chagoury Capital's foundation in negotiating, business dealings, and forming partnerships offers clients the ability to utilise our experience in mergers, acquisitions, tenders, purchases, sales of assets, and other financial transactions. 

Mergers &


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Why Partner With Us?

1 Family 

When joining Chagoury Capital, our company will welcome you as part of our family. Take advantage of our network, services, and broader community to help advance your business. 

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